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Di Pearson

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About Di Pearson

I started painting over 20 years ago, attending classes and workshops but am mostly self-taught, my preferred medium being watercolour, although I favour soft pastels and acrylic for wildlife, using my own photos for reference, mainly from Africa. Previously exhibited at NEWA, now EWA, Assos. Animal Artists and locally.

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ID: 2262
The Chase Is On
Water Colour
16 x 19

ID: 2639
Zebra Foal At Sunset
12 x 14

ID: 2640
Out Of The Midday Sun
Soft Pastel
21 x 24

ID: 2641
Red Footed Falcon
Soft Pastel
12 x 15



ID: 2642
Lilac Breasted Roller
Soft Pastel
12 x 12


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Exhibition Of Wildlife Art