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David Wettner

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About David Wettner

David is a stained glass artist based in mid Wales. he has been fascinated by the natural world from a young age and gets inspiration from it for is work. He creates stained glass panels and unique pieces combining stained glass and native wood.

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ID: 48396
Kingfishers On Spalted Beech
Stained Glass And Wood
12x 9 x 10

ID: 48398
Summer Lost
Stained Glass And Spalted Beech

ID: 48399
Bullfinches And Spring Blossom
Stained Glass
16 x 18

ID: 48561
Green Turtle
Stained Glass On Driftwood
12 x 9 x 12


ID: 48785
Kingfishers And Flag Iris
Stained Glass And Larch
23 x 20

ID: 48786
Stained Glass

ID: 48787
Lapwings And Young
Stained Glass And Yew Wood

ID: 48788
Starling And Apples
Stained Glass



ID: 49004
Scarlet Macaws
Stained Glass And Larch

ID: 49005
Ever Alert
Stained Glass


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